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Backcountry Awareness

Safety First

Going into the backcountry is an increasingly popular activity, and the terrain in EC Manning Provincial Park is a wonderful place to get into the great outdoors.

If you are heading into the backcountry, please make sure you are properly prepared.

Manning Park Resort checks in-bounds terrain, but does not forecast conditions for the backcountry, so make sure you inform yourself. There are a number of great resources available:

Topographical maps of Manning Park are available in the Country Store and at the Nordic Centre.

To purchase a mobile map of Manning Park, go to (Manning Park/Skagit Park, BC – Map 104)

Name Website
Canadian Avalanche Association 
Avalanche Canada Mountain Information Network
 Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors
Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning

At the Manning Park ski hill, you may encounter the following signs when heading beyond Apple Bowl Hike, towards Poland Lake, or any time you go outside of posted boundary limits.

“Area Boundary:

The area beyond this boundary is hazardous back country terrain. The area is uncontrolled, unmarked, not inspected, not patrolled, and involves many risks, dangers and hazards including avalanche. Be prepared for avalanche danger, weather changes and terrain hazards.

Persons proceeding beyond this point should be trained and properly equipped for self-rescue.”

“Back Country Checklist:

  1. Do you have any back country knowledge or avalanche awareness training?
  2. Does anyone know where you are going?
  3. Do you have an updated weather forecast?
  4. Have you read the latest public avalanche bulletin from the Canadian Avalanche Association? (1-800-667-1105)
  5. Are you properly equipped with a shovel, transceiver and probe?
  6. Are you properly dressed?

No one will take care of you except yourself. If you have any questions, please talk to the ski patrol.”

Please note that Manning Park Resort does not have a check-in system. Please inform someone outside of the Resort of your backcountry plans and when to expect you.

Ski Area:

If you are planning on crossing the in-bounds terrain of Manning Park, you must follow the designated up-track. Hikers are not permitted on any other runs on the mountain, due to safety reasons.

On the Orange Chair, the designated path is skiers right (climber’s left) of Horseshoe Trail, following Upper Horseshoe Trail if you wish to continue to the top of the hill. Please be aware this is a beginner run.

If you are coming from Strawberry Flats, once you reach Fool’s Hen run, you must hike down on skier’s left of the run to meet up with the up-track on Horseshoe Trail.

On the Blue Chair, the designated path is skiers left (climber’s right) of Wagon Trail. Please be aware this is a beginner run.

Backcountry Awareness

Have fun and be safe! There are some incredible places to explore in EC Manning Provincial Park!

Check out the latest addition of backcountry skis available for rent at the Manning Park Resort Nordic Centre. These powder fiends feature tele bindings and fish scale bases for adventuring off the groomed trail.  Head off to Poland Lake or up Fat Dog. More info available at the Nordic Centre and here:

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